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GO education

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A certain guide to the very best business universities all over India


usiness schools in India keep on being known for the

quality of students that they turn out every single year. In

fact, over time, the demand for the country's B-Schools

has grown by leaps and bounds, so much so that modern

institutes will be mushrooming very often in small neighborhoods as

well as big cities around India.

While it is the IIMs that continue to rule the roost, it cannot be denied that additional management acadamies are also greatly contributing to India's managerial skill pool.

Combined with B-School ratings, the following pages cover the methodology and relevance of the Go-getter and Educationmela. com business college survey. The survey have been conducted utilizing a number of relevant parameters.

Below then, are definitely the findings of your survey depending on voluntary participation of the acadamies themselves, along with a perception-based study of India's business educational institutions.

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MOVE education

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In the last two decades, there have been a remarkable

growth in management education due to the contribution of the exclusive sector. Today nearly 80 per cent of management study centers fall in the private sector.

Subsequently, increasingly more postgraduate degree

management (PGDM) institutes arrived at enjoy an

autonomous status. Inter alia, the autonomous status

are awarded with some to encourage the function of the

corporate sector a manager education delivering

in a highly flexible syllabus to match commercial requirements also to build solid interactions for students to be confronted with the fast changing professional environment. This plan has led to a win-win condition for the players and stakeholders. The best

beneficiaries had been the students and industry.

This kind of survey is relevant to prospects of managing education as a result of large number of new B-Schools available. This can be comprehended

from the fact that there were only 1, 132 AICTEapproved B-Schools in the year 2006-07 which usually increased to 2, 450 in the year 2012-13. This is higher than a 100 %

top B-Schools. It must be known that this review includes just those B-Schools

growth inside the number of supervision institutes. The approved students'

that offer a two-year full-time management plan leading to an MBA

intake in these study centers also increased manifold and during the same period

or equal degree by an Indian university or maybe a Postgraduate Diploma or degree in

i actually. e. by 2006-07 to 2012-13, this increased from 94, 704 to 3, eighty five, 008 resulting

Management approved by AICTE. A lot more than 125 institutes expressed all their

in an over 300 percent growth (Please refer to the tables below). It is in this

participation involvement in the study out of which only people who provided their particular

background that survey may be useful for all stakeholders to discover India's

information as per the recommended norms had been considered to get ranking.

Growth of AICTE-approved Supervision Institutions in the area:


Management Institutes

Pupils Intake a manager Institutes


1, 132

94, 704


you, 149

1, 21, 867


1, 523

1, 49, 5iphon


you, 940

you, 79, 561


two, 262

2, 77, 811


a couple of, 385

several, 52, 571


2, 450

a few, 85, 008

Source: AICTE Approval Method Hand Publication 2013

Consumption in Management Acadamies


Management Institutes


Management Institutes








multitude of







2006-07 2007-08 2008-09 2009-10 2010-11 2011-12




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2006-07 2007-08 2008-09 2009-10 2010-11 2011-12 2012-13

GO education

su rve y 2013

This review report concentrates on all the relevant parameters such as Infrastructure, Industry Interface, Positioning, Entrepreneurship,...


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