Essay regarding Acs Job 2, University or college of Winnipeg


Due: February 11, 2013

Being done independently.


a) 8 A hospital keep wants to computerize its info about individuals and prescription drugs / doses prescribed intended for the patients. In your mind, compare this situation with the in-class example about students, courses and grades: student is like patient, course is like medication and grade is dosage. After that, use the next fields of hospital info that are put into one data file (table): sufferer No ., sufferer name, sufferer address, affected person birth date; medication name, medication dosage (this means just how many tablets or tsps of that medication the patient need to take each day). Make use of the following data:

 John Smith

Date of Beginning: Oct. 12. 1969

Addresses: 123 Dialysis Way.

Pharmaceutical drug: Prilosec. 3 tablets daily

Adavart. Three tablets daily

Patient IDENTITY: 1849

 Marla Manley

Date of Birth: By. 31. 1955

Address: 842 Blossom St

Prescription: Oxycontin Two teaspoons daily

Neulasta. Four tablets daily

Lamictal Two tablets daily

Individual ID: 1850

 Her Doe

Day of Birth: Aug. 01. 1949

Talk about: 725 Olive Ave.

Pharmaceutical drug: Remicade. 3 tablets daily

Diovan. Several tablets daily

Gardasil. One teaspoon daily


Present this in a single table with the data records. Then make clear fully how come this would not really be a great way of organising data upon disk.

b) 10 Convert the one stand in the previous question to a relational database design. Fill every single table within your design with info from the past question such that no info is lost. Show just how your design and style satisfies conditions for being a relational data source, and so why it is better to store data in disk this way rather than all-in-one table.

c) 7 What is database management system? What actions would a healthcare facility ward need to take to prepare its data to be ready for producing meaningful result from the DBMS? d) your five What are two main varieties of output from a DBMS? Provide an example of each type of output employing hospital data from your repository in b). Hint: Utilize " Input-Processing-Output” Model and focus on the ways data may be produced i. e. Report versus Problem. See Info Modeling Reason from Address 4. two Notes for added information.

2) 10 If a business firm has its data placed on hard drive as a relational database which can be managed with a database management program such as Gain access to, why may possibly it want to go further and still have a supervision information program constructed, that could use this relational database since input? How come would simply using Access immediately not be adequate for the business? Explain totally with cases.

ACS-1803-053 Project 2

1 . a. )

Individual NO . | Patient Name| Patient Address| Patient Delivery Day| Medicine Name| MedicationDosage| 1849| Steve Smith| 123 Dialysis Way| Oct. 15. 1969| Prilosec| Three tablets daily| 1849| John Smith| 123 Dialysis Way| Oct. 10. 1969| Adavart| 3 tablets daily| 1850| Marla Johbson| 842 Blossom St | By. 31. 1955| Oxycontin| Two teaspoons daily| 1850| Marla Johbson| 842 Blossom St . | January. 31. 1955| Neulasta| Four tablets daily| 1850| Marla Johbson| 842 Blossom St | By. 31. 1955| Lamictal| Two tablets daily| 1851| Jane Doe| 725 Olive Simply had to. | August. 01. 1949| Remicade| 3 tablets daily| 1851| Anne Doe| 725 Olive Garottere. | August. 01. 1949| Diovan| Several tablets daily| 1851| Anne Doe| 725 Olive Simply had to. | Aug. 01. 1949| Gardasil| A single teaspoon daily

Using a single table to record all the data can be an unefficient way. While the stand above, a similar information just like: No ., affected person name, address, birth working day, has been record more than once, which in turn causes the squander of retail store space and costs more time time. However , with the increase in data, it could make a lot of mistakes by simply multiple-display the some info. For instance, we certainly have five patients named Jane Doe, and of them offers three types of medications. When we search the real key words " Jane Doe”, we could possibly get 15 effects with the same patient name,...


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