п»їReview Questions

1 . What are the differences between being a biological parent, an adoptive parent, and a foster parent? Biological parent can be described as person who offer birth, a great adoptive parent is somebody the state of becoming adopted. A foster parent is a mother or father who look after a child by the state by temporal. 2 . What economical needs are parents obliged to provide and which are optionally available? The financial need that parents are obligated to provide are food, clothing and real estate. What are optionally available are none. 3. The other needs might a child possess that a parent or guardian is supposed to provide? Medical, transportation, and caring, like, support, understanding, safe spot to live. 4. What are the qualities of your nurturing father or mother? A growing parent provides more love, care and support than the usual non-nurturing father or mother. I think a nurturing father or mother would as well pay close attention to their child's requirements and skills in order to satisfy the needs and support/guide the talents.

Critical Thinking Questions

1 ) What qualities make a person a good parent? A poor parent? What make a good parent happen to be loving, qualified. Bad parents: not exhibiting any love or attention. 2 . Which parental duties do you think could be the most tough? Why? I believe disapline their children because several kids can't stand to listen to all their mother or father. a few. Which parental responsibilities do you think would be the many interesting for you? Why? The most interesting thing will be enabling your child go out when they become older because you really feel alone without your child. four. What are some points that people can do to arrange for motherhood? Something that persons can perform to ready for parenthood is choosing C. S. R. classes, changing your time schedule, and work schedule and waking up in the middle of the night.