Drama and Character Article


The British word ‘drama' derives in the Greek word ‘dran' meaning ‘to do'. Thus a drama is a story performed or ‘done' by persons on stage, radio, film, TV, on the street. A drama entails a chain of events and describes an online of interactions involving a number of persons. It may be fiction or non-fiction.

The key Components/ELEMENTS of the RADIO episode:

I actually. Plot_____________________________________________________ The chain of events or perhaps actions when the characters are involved and during that this dramatic issue starts, develops, comes to a climax, and is also resolved may be the plot. The aims of plot creation are:

Make an mental experience

Notify a people account (people are interested in other people)

Work within the culture

Express ideas instead of words

Demonstrate rather then inform

Use connaissance

Drive house the meaning

Easy approach to develop a plot happen to be:

* Write the main history in synopsis form

2. Structure first, Middle, and End

2. Flesh it

* Generate character information

2. Dramatic conflict_______________________________________ Dramatic discord refers to the unusual often unexpected becomes that take place in all individual activities which create uncertainty, tension, puzzle, questions or surprise inside the audience. Every event, circumstance or relationship in life is usually subject to uncertainness. The changes, turns and uncertainties make up the remarkable conflict that creates a drama's appeal. A story without dramatic appeal can be static, monotonous, unattractive. * Person (or persons) against fate

2. Person (or persons) against other individuals

* Person (or persons) against themselves

2. Dramatic turmoil could be tragic, comic or emotional for virtually any one celebration E. g., A couple provides prepared pertaining to weeks to get an anniversary get together. One hour prior to it starts, there is a great electricity blackout. Tragic: Better half falls throughout the stairs and it is injured badly

Comic: In darkness spouse wears mismatched shoes and rubs toothpaste on encounter instead of cream Emotional: Friends arrive and feel very sorry for the couple

III. Characters_______________________________________________ The people about whom the drama is done. Their strong personality traits – positive or perhaps negative – create the conflict in the story. Heroes could even be animals or things as in folks tales fable and little one's stories. To hold the personas interesting bear in mind the following:

* Fluctuate the personas of the character types – this allows for (1) wide range of thoughts in the account and (2) easy id of the market with the personas * Main character is named ‘protagonist' (Greek ‘prộtos' initial and ‘agộnistes' actor). Primary villain – antagonist. 5. The main heroes should be a maximum of 3-4. There could be additional less important characters who arrive and disappear. * Generate character information. The article writer should retain referring to this inorder to become true to the smoothness throughout the program. * Persona profile could contain the following info:

Era, sex, significant other status, likes, dislikes, romantic relationship to the leading part, occupation, education, detailed physical appearance, personality traits – strengths weaknesses, speech qualities (speaks gradually, quickly, drawls, accent, quick sentences, etc), commonly used catchphrase (Bugs Bunny ‘What's up doc? ') Excercise: Build a character account

IV. Establishing (Time and Location)__________________________ This can be the (a) as well as (b) location within that the action occurs (a) Time______________________________________

Time may be denoted by the following factors: (i) SFX (ii) Discussion (iii) Flashback (iv) Liaison (i) With help of SFX:

Rooster crowing is morning hours, crickets is definitely dusk or perhaps night.

(ii) With help of dialogue:

" Good morning, appears to be it will be a hot working day today”

Conditions can be recommended by passing references to weather, crops, festivals, ay days or perhaps school getaways Real time

Real time within the enjoy.

" Howdy Mrs....


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