‘Electric Counterpoint' has an A-B-Coda style structure.


I think Reich, to a certain extent, uses tonal ambiguity in ‘Electric Counterpoint' because the key that the piece is is never clear. This creates a level of uncertainty intended for the listener and requires these to process the piece and for that reason ensures that they listen to it better. Furthermore, at the very end from the piece, there is also a long crescendo that leads to a final blend built within the two notes E and B. The use of only two notes to make a chord, achieves an open and light ambiance, also since all of the paperwork in the last chord are in a relatively excessive pitch. However , there is no cadence and no full tonic chord so were left wanting to know what crucial we have completed in. ARRANGEMENT

This piece was first played in 1987, at a time once minimalism was becoming well-known. This resulted in many composers wanting to get new ways of making and playing an electronic appear. Reich contains this digital sound in to ‘Electric Counterpoint' by using several electric electric guitars and two bass various guitars. Moreover, Reich uses a live guitar over the prerecorded electric and bass electric guitars. He uses an amp on the live guitar so that it blends very well into the part and sounds similar to the other regions that are playing. TEXTURE

Electric power Counterpoint provides a contrapuntal feel, as a lot of parts provide an independent melodic line. The counterpoint in the piece is usually interesting, since the listener is required to listen to many different parts at the same time. The idea of lots of different parts, many playing their own melodic line, is beneficial as it is constantly on the stay pleasurable to listen to because all of the lines fit into the specified key. While the piece goes on, the feel builds up, since more tiers are added. At the beginning, any guitar 1 may be the single device playing, creating an open, but slightly vacant feeling. However , as Live Guitar, Acoustic guitar 2, a few, 4 and all the other parts begin to end up being...