Freelancing American Jobs to India

Personally through this situation I would personally stay in the U. H. because a romance that held up for 25 years and then all of a sudden ends does not sound like it might go down very well. I would certainly not feel correct about ditching my friends that I developed solid relationships over time. You will have to cope with all new persons and try to create new interactions in India, which may be hard to deal with. There exists absolutely nothing drastically wrong with outsourcing the organization though. Jobs will be dropped for Us citizens and they will not really be happy with that but the firm will be completely happy because you save them a lot money simply by outsourcing. The thing that is morally wrong is if you listen to some of your friend and decide to " cook the numbers” and lie for the company, which can in time can lead to you dropping your job. On the other hand you may become unemployed anyways when you decide to outsource because there is no guarantee that you retain your job. Via an economic stand point your responsibility shall be profitable and meet bills, which outsourcing would do. Also, it will obviously present financial rewards for the organization. Legally, you would not become breaking any laws in either country by outsourcing. Human privileges could be an issue over in the U. S i9000. but not in India obviously so paying of the India employees a third off the cost of an American worker would work. Cutting back on health advantages could be a big deal in U. S. but is not in India. Sales Rep- Middle East

I would not take the deal because it may seem like there would be way too many lose ends and could go south. The man who will give you advice could help your chances of getting the contract but it really still would not guarantee that. The additional cost payment may well pay off in the long term but could possibly be the down show up.

Now if you do not employ Ahmed's providers he will almost certainly help the competitor, that you've not won against in a although. I would only have to let him do that because over time you will be...