Essay regarding Knowledge Supervision

Presentation Framework

Knowledge Management and Its Results on Functionality, including BP as a example:

Introduction of Knowledge Management:

• Definition as well as the Essence of KM

• Perspectives in Knowledge Supervision

• Knowledge Management Features Needed

• Why organisations fail to control knowledge

Results on Performance:

• KM in BP

• KILOMETRES in achieving Operational Quality in BP

• Body Work

• BP's Philosophy

• Peer Group Activity relating to BP

• Harmony Score Credit card for Functionality Measurement

• Conclusion

Know-how Management

• Knowledge Management is the variety of processes that govern the creation, spread and utilization of Knowledge.

• Capturing, arranging and keeping knowledge and experiences of individual employees and groups within an business and creating this information available to others inside the organisation.

(Rowley, J; ou al; Precisely what is knowledge administration?; 1999, pp. 416- 419)


The central theme of knowledge management is always to leverage and reuse solutions that previously exist in the organization, to ensure that people will certainly seek out best practices rather than reinvent the tyre.

• Taking, storing, locating and releasing tangible expertise assets. • Gathering, arranging and distributing intangible knowledge, such as

professional know-how and expertise, person insight and experience.

• Creating a great interactive learning environment exactly where people readily transfer and promote what they know, internalize that and put it on to create fresh knowledge.

(Wah,. L, At the rear of the hype; Management Assessment,  Apr 1999.  pg.  16,  6 pgs)

Perspectives on Know-how


Details based:

Managers think KILOMETERS in term of information, just like readily-accessible details, real-time details, and workable information Workable information-Categorizing of data-Corporate yellow pages-Filtered info. Technology centered:

Managers affiliated KM with assorted other systems, and various tools e. g. Data mining-Data warehouses-Executive data systems-IntranetMultimedia-Search engines-Smart systems. Culture based:

Through this perspective, Managers associated KILOMETERS as Ordinaire & Constant learning, Perceptive property farming and Learning organization. (Alavi, M, Connection for Information System, Knowledge Supervision Systems: Concerns, Challenges and Benefits, 1999)

Knowledge Managing Capabilities


Capabilities necessary as based on numerous KM perspectives: Information centered


External: Customer information-Competitive information-Customer information. Internal: Activity-based costing-Financial information-Human resources information Product/services information.

Technology based:

• Integrated databases-Interoperability of existing systems • Larger bandwidth-Global IT infrastructure-Intelligent agents • Consistent collection of email and internet products

• Navigational equipment

• Quickly retrieval

Lifestyle based:

• Teamwork

• Practical guidelines

• Expertise sharing

(Alavi, M, Relationship for Information Program, Knowledge Administration Systems: Issues, Challenges and Benefits, 1999)

Why Organisations Fail to Manage


Organisations will need to provide the conditions that support people, create relationships, and provide people time for you to think and reflect since knowledge is done by people not by simply machines.

If every person is assumed to be creating knowledge, then this organization requires responsibility intended for supporting all its employees, not just a exceptional few. This makes certain that everyone has easy access to anyone, anytime in the organization, because you never understand who has previously invented the perfect solution you need.

Most KILOMETRES programs acquire stuck since individuals is not going to share their knowledge. Nevertheless it's important to understand that people are making the decision00 to not share what they know. They willingly share if they feel committed to the organization, believe their particular leaders are worth assisting, feel motivated to...


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