Key Takeaway points via LÓREAL and PARLE –G cases:

* LÓREAL should stick to the concept of " value for money” particularly in the emerging market segments. * Ideal sales and distribution stations based on the industry segments. 2. LÓREAL provides understanding of the local consumers and launched many according to the needs of the customer. Garnier males * LÓREAL had items of low, medium and high selection to compete with rival goods in all varies. * LÓREAL laid heavy emphasis and investment in advertisement. * Setting up of factories and manufacturing products at easily accessible locations and making the supply chain efficient would help lessen the costs. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * A serious share from the PARLE ITEMS revenue was dependent on the PARLE-G brands. So , the company should not include heavy reliance on a single brand which makes it hard to increase profits. * The complete brand fairness of PARLE-G was based on " worth for money” which was the main hurdle in raising the values. The brand equity of virtually any product must be based not merely one crucial benefit although multiple rewards that the product is offering. The corporation should properly balance out focus on all benefits provided by the product while promotions and advertisements. * PARLE-G should section its target audience by income level of people and concentrate on PARLE-G with lower income groupings and other superior products or perhaps better quality versions of PARLE-G at bigger prices with higher profits groups. 2. Can provide added feature keeping the cost same like changing the shape of the biscuit to appeal to children which will would help in increasing the amount paid. * PARLE-G is the greatest biscuit producer, Brand Loyalty of consumers coming from several years due to its value for money benefit.