NT1210 LAb6. 1 Article

Lab 6. 1: Cellular Broadcast Websites

Exercise 6th. 1 . you

Basic Assistance Sets -- is a component of the IEEE 802. eleven WLAN structure Extended Services Sets -- is a component of the IEEE 802. 10 WLAN structures that stretches the range of mobility to a single Standard Service Set. Exercise six. 2 . 1

Standard Consistency Maximum Indication RangeStandard In house Transmission RangeStandard outdoor transmission range 802. 11a51335126

802. 11b2. 41137133

802. 11g1. 41238140

802. 11n41031120

Laboratory 6. 1 review

How the services works is the fact it allows you to connect to the network. Car radio frequency can be superior since it is fast trigger it through a satellite. WLAN is used in home because there easier to keep and to take care of it I can be private.

Lab six. 2: Discovering WLANs

Exercise 6. 2 . one particular

The information that it can be giving me is that its showing the wireless systems around my area. A lot of them are routers.

Exercise 6. 2 . a couple of

The information that given around the command range is it shows all your information concerning the router you have and it teaches you in details. Its enables you to see specific allowing your to see information about your router. Lab six. 2 Assessment

Its awful to have a lot of wireless network around you trigger it could trigger lag around you it depend on the people. The typical allows having speed and it allows you to have a better connection. Lab 6. a few: WLAN Router Configuration

Exercise 6. 3. you

It uses IP addresses as it allows to config your setting simpler and it would allow you to personalize your placing. Exercise six. 3. a couple of

The router auto assigns the IP addresses when you first start using the router. This shows you how the setting gets lock nevertheless, you could unlock them to modify those settings. Exercise 6. 3. a few

The IP config demonstrate everything you need to be aware of from your Internet protocol address and your gateway and basically it explains your marketing. Lab 6. 4: WLAN Placement

Exercise six. 4. 1

The placement in the homes is important and online is it needs to be right therefore...


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