Photo Booth and Catering Services Composition


Background with the study

There are numerous kinds of program for reservations and on the net negotiation. Thus we are creating a system that may manage these Reservations and Negotiation specifically for our business the Picture Booth, Image Services, Go up Arts and Catering Providers. We are creating this pertaining to the convenience of the customers as well as for those who are considering availing the offers and services, so now even inside the comfort of their own houses they will now do that. And this could make our business wide spread as a result of broad coverage of Internet and Online business nowadays. We produced an online shop so that actually those people who are tight with their financial constraints and perhaps have been hit by the recent economic climate and are unable to go to the place to speak to us, and who happen to be busy with an increase of important things or perhaps preparations. They will contact or negotiate with us easier to on the web services. Assertion of the Trouble

Developing a program for on the web reservation for Party requires in wedding caterers General trouble

What will become included the machine for bookings.

Specific problem

The system should:

1 . To generate reservation less difficult:

-The benefit of online booking is to generate reservation just a click away regardless if you're home or performing something essential, and for those who really don't have time to proceed directly to your workplace for their booking maybe because of the distance as well as the tight price range.

2 . To provide ACCESS to everybody:

-This On-line reservation also aims to give access to everyone who were considering making booking for their get together needs (fits to people whom are effective Online). three or more. To allow a number of reservations in one time:

-because there are get-togethers that are being held at the same particular date and the same time and so customers are now able to see which in turn date is available and which dates are reserved possibly in the ease and comfort of their residence. Objectives of the study

Basic Objectives

The overall objective of the system is to make a broad bond between all of us and the consumers online who have are...


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