The Examination of the Colonel’s Lady Composition

The Analysis of the Colonel's Girl


The passage symbolizes us Colonel's feelings and thoughts regarding his wife, Evie. She was a good wife and a good host or hostess. Colonel thought that all he was in love if he married her, but then this individual realized that that they had different passions. They had no quarrels, but Evie wasn't able to provide the birth into a child, for this reason Colonel thought their matrimony failed. Colonel was a healthy and balanced man and it was typical for him to have one other woman, as he had to have this kind of fun in the life. Compositional design:

Exposition: " from " Of course , the lady was a female, …”

Narrative hook: " from This individual couldn't realise why she'd acquired no children…” Rising actions: from " He intended he'd been in love with her…” Orgasm: from " When he went up to Birmingham now…”

Falling action: coming from " The idea crossed his mind…”

The storyline has an open-plot structure, since there is no resolution in it. Types of discourse:

The storyline is crafted in the way of description. It is used to describe the Lady's appearance and the way she goodies Colonel. Narrative compositional forms:

As we the author uses description inside the story. It offers us triggers and effects of the Woman's behaviour, her considerations regarding moral, ethical, ideological and also other issues.

Point of view:

In the account we deal with objective viewpoint, the writer tells what are the results without proclaiming more than could be inferred from the story's action and dialogue. The narrator never reveals anything about the actual characters think or think, remaining a detached viewer. Also we can say that it is the omniscient point of view, as mcdougal stands outside of the story and will tell the reader everything about character's thoughts and feelings.


The tone in the story is definitely objective. The writer remains unattached while offering a story.


Colonel is represented mainly indirectly inside the passage under consideration – through his feelings and his attitude to his wife. Considering...


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